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Acupuncture Massage Calgary NW NE




201, 4803 Centre ST, NW, CALGARY, AB T2E 2Z6 PH:403 690-8086

Dr. Qin(Chin)




WCB provider;MVA welcomes,Direct Bill

discount rate for Acupuncture if no insurance coverage,phone to ask for the rate

Free Acupuncture consultation if combined with massage therapy

Gift Certificate Available

2200 Hours massage therapy Certificate,MTAA member,NHPC member,CAAA member.Acupuncture and Massage therapy are recognized by all insurance companies

Dr Qin, is on holiday from Sep 5 to Oct 4,2017. During her absence, Dr. Karen Vasquez will help to do Acupuncture every Tuesday, Saturday from 10a to 6:30p, and Friday 4:30p to 6:30p

Up to now Direct Billing accept for Acupuncture and Massage Therapy for some insurance companies:(note: direct billing will charge $2 extra paper work, direct billing available during weekdays and Saturday from 9 a to 6:30p,some insurances direct bill available Sunday as well. Late appointment have to manually submit yourself due to the system shut down, but will give a receipt for reimburse. Be aware that in case of the direct bill is not paid to us, you will have to pay in the front.Some personal insurance plan require Dr. note or required manually submit your receipts for reimburse. )

Acupuncture and massage therapy Direct billing is available for Great west life, blue cross, Standard life,Sun life,Industrial Alliance, Manual life, Chambers of commerce group,Maximum benefit or Johnston Group, Cowan insurance company,Cinup and First Canadian.


Up-dated information about massage therapy regulation: Alberta Massage Therapy regulation is in the process. The massage therapist college will be established to protect the public's best interests, therefore, the standard of the entry level practice as a Registered Massage therapist will be set higher than ever before.

Currently, in Alberta, the standard of the education of massage therapy training is varied from 250 hours to 2200 hours.The proposed standard education will be 2200 hours formal education including assessment training course. Therapist who wants to practice as a registered massage therapist has to meet the standard and pass the provincial entry examination.

Up to now, Sun life insurance company only accepts 2200 hours MTAA member as the massage therapist provider; Manulife insurance,Blue cross and other insurance companies has changed the policy that only recognize 2200 hours formal or equivalent education members as well. Therefore, the public will be more aware of those changes of massage therapy profession and select carefully for massage therapy provider in order to be able to claim back their insurance coverage.

Fortunately and proudly, our clients including our future clients who select us as the massage therapy provider won't be impacted by those changes because we have met the standards of education 2200 hours and above.