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Special Program in our clinic
Weight Loss
Infertility and IVF support
Prostate problem / Impotence
Weight loss
Nowadays, more and more people are tending to be over weighted. It has a relationship with constitution, inheritance, age, diet, emotion and lifestyle. According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), over weight can be divided into deficiency and excess type. Deficiency type of over weight can be due to spleen Qi (energy) and/ or kidney Qi deficiency. Excess type of over weight can be due to excessive “dampness, phlegm” (consider to be toxin accumulation) or over intake the foods.

Weight loss by Acupuncture works on the whole system according to the TCM diagnosis differentiation, such as by removing excess dampness, increase the Qi. That means in western medicine to remove excess toxin, increase metabolism. Also, balance the Yin and Yang, and control the craving of foods. Herbs may be introduced during the course of weight loss treatment.Also, we are newly introduced ageloc spa merchine with the treatment gel to further work on the belly to improve the lymphatic drainage system to reduce the size of the belly.

Our clinic results showed Acupuncture works well for reducing the size of big belly and start to work after 2 to 3 sessions, some clients feel the belly are much soften after the first visit. We highly suggest client come two or three times a week at the beginning of two weeks in order to gain a better, stable effect. Then, they will come twice a week until they achieve satisfied stable results. The clients' commitment for weight loss is very important, also, restricting their diet( such as avoiding sugar, junk foods etc) and proper exercise can add more benefits during the whole course of weight loss process.

Quit smoking / addiction
Smoking can be very harmful for your health. It incidences of bronchitis, lung cancer and mouth cancer and fetal malformation are increased because of smoking mom.

Recently, Acupuncture combined with Auricular Acupuncture or ear patch has proved to be very effective to stop smoking. According to research papers, the Endorphins and encephalin in the blood of smokers are much higher than in non-smokers. When smokers decide to quit smoking, the level of these hormones drop suddenly. This accounts for withdrawal symptoms when stop smoking, such as restlessness, sleepiness, nausea, and more. Acupuncture and Auricular Acupuncture or ear seed patch methods are used to stimulate the nervous system, which regulates the secretion the above Hormone from central nervous system. Also, the many kinds of nervous branches are distributed in the auricle which links with brain, the internal organs and extremities, so stimulating the ear points by using the electro- acupuncture can regulate functional activities of the body and lower the response to smoking stimulation. Consequently the results are maintained at a physiological level.

In our clinic, the results showed that after the 1 to 2 sessions, some heavy smoker will cut from 25/ day to 10 /day, then after 5 to 8 more seesions, usually it will gain a very stable effect of removing the withdrawal syndrome and craving for cigars when stopping smoking.For light to medium smokers, after 3 to 6 sessions, most of them will stop smoking without craving.For very heavy smoker with strong withdrawal syndrome may need longer course of treatment (8 to 10 sessions).Herbs may be suggested to balance the systems.

What you need to emphasize are:

  1. Stopping smoking 10 hours or several hours before you visit us. In this case, we treat you at your worst time.
  2. The first week is a crucial time for treatment results. So your commitment to quit smoking is very important.
  3. Those who suffer other disease, such as chronic cough, difficult breath; depression, may require more sessions.
  4. Multiple Sclerosis
    Multiple Sclerosis is a condition in which demyelination of nerves occurs. Demyelination of nerves in central nerve system ( brain and spinal cord ) results in scar tissue formation at the sites of demyelination segments. Because the lesions can partially heal, the disease goes through characteristic phases of remission and relapse.The causes of MS are unclear,but following factors are considered to be in some way involved in the cause of multiple sclerosis: Genetic factor, environmental factor, virus infection stimulating the overactivity of immune response,also, white blood cells leads to attack on the myelin as a foreign substance.

    The symptoms are varied depend on the location and the extent of the lesions. Each patient may show some different symptoms of following: fatigue,weakness;spasticity,tremors;numbness,tingling; blurred vision; mood swings, and incoordination, speech disturbances,incontinence, bowel dysfunction, paraplegia at the late stage.

    According to TCM explanation, MS can be caused by dampness; stomach, spleen, liver and kidney deficiency; blood stasis.

    Acupuncture points will be selected along the spine and beside the spine,scalp points and other body points will be selected according to the differentiation from each individual's situation. MS patients need long term treatment. The initial course of treatment sessions consist of 10 time. The patients will come twice a week until the symptoms are released, then they will come once a week to strength the effect. During the remission stage, the patient will be adviced to come once a month for maintainence in order to achieve a long term health.


Infertility and IVF support
According to TCM, a woman try to be pregnancy without success usually is due to deficiency of kidney, liver Qi; disharmony of Qi and blood of the “Chong, Ren” meridians which are considered to be the conception meridians. Conception process relies on kidney Qi and plentiful, vigorous of Yin, also, relies on “Ren” meridian being unobstructed and “Chong” meridian being full of vitality. If there is a disharmony of “Chong” and “Ren” meridians arising from kidney, blood deficiency, cold retention in the uterus, infertility occurs.

Acupuncture helps fertility by warming kidney, reinforcing the liver, replenishing Qi(energy), blood in order to strength the “Chong and Ren” meridians, increasing the blood flowing in the uterus and ovary; promoting the ovulation of ovary and allowing the future mom’s body more balanced to adapt to the embryo. When you are planning to have a healthy baby,please allow yourself to have at least three months menstruation cycle to adjust and balance your body to get following treatment effects in order to have more chance to have a good quality healthy baby naturally or more successful rate for IVF or IUI.

Fertility Acupuncture can help women and men fertility in the following way:
. To improve blood flow to the uterus
. To increase the lining of the uterus
. To promote ovulation
. To balance the hormones
. To enhance the ovary function
. To increase sperm counts
. To enhance sperm mobility
. To enhance internal organs function to the optimum level
. To decrease stress level

Prostate problem /Impotence
Prostate enlargement or prostatitis is very common among the man over the age of 40. Due to the ageing process, the prostate naturally enlarges as hormones change and weaken after the age of 40. The swelling of the prostate puts pressure against the bladder and urethra, thereby affecting the smooth flow of urine. The symptoms and signs are frequent urination, burning sensation, difficult of urination and dribbling of urine.

According to the TCM, hyperplasia or enlarged prostate associate with damp heat in the system and kidney deficiency or lower vital energy in the kidney or urinary system, resulting in disturbance of sex hormones. This process also decrease one’s sexual energy, which affects the function of the prostate and the circulation in this region.

Regularly Acupuncture treatment improves the circulation and energy in the prostate and special formula herb helps removing excess damp heat and promoting the Qi(energy), replenish kidney in order to nurture the prostate. As the prostate is revitalized, it is capable of self-regulating toward normal functioning and maintaining a balance of the urinary system.

There are numberous factors cause the impotence,such as stress, anxiety, excess worries; overwork which causes lower energy; damp heat which blocks the Qi(energy) flowing. The most of the cases are related to the disorder of liver, kidney, heart ,spleen and the prostate problem. Every individual may have a different reason of the causing impotence. Doctor Qin will carefully examin and analyze each case according to the TCM differentiation and make a treatment plan tailored for each individual. The treatment principle is to clear excess toxin damp heat, increase blood circulation, tonify kidney "Yang",replenish essence and to harmony the heart, spleen function.